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Cafe tio conejo

Roasting Only the Best since 2012

We Believe In incredibly good tasting Coffee

To provide unique sensory experiences, is not only what we do, is what we work day after day to create. Our search for the perfect coffee is a never ending process.


Start with Blackberry notes, that blend with vanilla and molasses. A mild body and a gentle citric acidity. A must have, if you love Colombian Coffee.


Looking for something exotic and gentle? What about lemongrass and coriander notes, that follow a very bright acidity. Smooth and silky.


Today is the day to enjoy a more bold experience. Sugar cane and date notes. A superb body and a very subtle acidity, that enhances the brandy finish.

Our Story

We are a new style of coffee grower. We truly are pushing the envelope.

Fresh Beans

We cater to your needs. We search for the best expressions to provide unique and memorable sensations.

Roasting does more than just transform the beans, it frees all the subtle flavors a good coffee has.

Great Coffee

Make everyday a special day by making cafe Tio Conejo part of your daily routine.

A great energizing Caturra for breakfast, a subtle and relaxing Gesha Honey in the afternoon, or a rewarding liquid dessert after a great meal with our Tabi Natural.

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2645 Norbeck Rd. 
Silver Spring, MD 20906